Recently, I’ve been thinking about the impact that the Fairmont Opera House has on the community, specifically the opportunities that we provide to influence those around us.  As I’ve thought through how to put the power of the arts into words, a sermon that my pastor gave a while ago popped into my head:  Come as you are, but leave not as you came.

My pastor was talking about the experience that one has in a church, but that same concept can be applied to our work here at the Fairmont Opera House.  Our Mission, “…To Provide a Historical Arts and Entertainment Center with the Purpose of Promoting Cultural Growth and Community Involvement”, gives us an outline by which to stimulate and inspire our community.  When we provide an experience to the community, we are giving folks an opportunity to come in as they are and learn, grown, expand their horizons, and much more.  Therefore, when they leave, they are different in some way then when they walked through the doors.

This, to me, is a powerful idea.  You see, the Fairmont Opera House was never intended to cater only to the wealthiest members of our community.  It was never founded to bring in entertainment that could only be appreciated by those who were “cultured”.  This place was not built for the select few; the Fairmont Opera House was built for the masses.  It does not matter what your income, your social status, your race, religion, or any other factor, you are welcome here at the Fairmont Opera House.  Art is not for the privileged…art is for all.

So come in as you are, and I promise you will never leave as you came.

Why?  Because each time you take in a show here at the Opera House, you are changed in some way.  You learn more about the world around you, including different types of music, dance, theatre, and more.  You learn more about your personal likes and dislikes.  You learn more about expression and communication and community, and so much more.  And all of that learning makes our community a better place.  Besides learning, you may even be physically changed in your time here.

“Blake”, you might be saying, “how on earth might I be physically changed at the Opera House?”

Glad you asked.

In college, there was a professor of mine who told me about the power of the arts.  He told me that when you see or hear something that gives you the goosebumps, makes your hair stand on end, or runs chills down your spine, it is caused my two neurons forming a new pathway in your brain.  This, he concluded, means that each time you take in an arts experience and have that happen, you are not only mentally or emotionally changed, you are physically changed as well.

That’s right.  When you leave the Fairmont Opera House, not only do you have memories to share, but you have been physically changed as well.  You are now a different person than when you walked through our doors, all by just being here.  Pretty cool, right?

So come one, come all to the Fairmont Opera House.  Come in and learn.  Come in and grow.  Come in and experience something new.

Leave changed.

2020-2021 Schedule

Ole Runs for Office
Postponed TBD
The Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience
December 13th @ 2 PM
Prince Project
December 31st @ 7:30pm
We are the Willows
January 22nd @ 7:30pm
February 12th @ 7:30pm
February 13th @ 7:30pm
February 14th @ 2:00pm
Blake & Company
February 26th @7:30pm
Danger Committee
March 6th @ 2:00pm
March 6th @ 7:30pm
March 13th @ 2:00pm
March 13th @ 7:30pm
Non Musical Spring Show
March 18th @ 7:30pm
March 19th @ 7:30pm
March 20th @ 7:30pm
March 21st @ 2:00pm
Fariytales on Ice
March 28th @ 2:00pm
The Church Basement Ladies
April 16th @ 2:00pm
April 16th @ 7:30pm
Aby Wolf
April 24th @ 7:30pm
Buckets N Boards
May 2nd @ 2:00pm
Tonic Sol-Fa
May 28th @ 7:30pm