Summer Musical

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Spring Non-Musical: The Odd Couple from March 5th-8th

Friends of Civic Summer Theatre

Whether you have enjoyed year after year of productions by Civic Summer Theatre, just one show, or you simply love supporting locally produced theater and want to be more directly involved, we would love for you to consider becoming a Friend of Civic Summer Theatre!  These annual supporters help make every production by CST possible, so take a look at the different levels of support below and feel free to contact us with any questions!

Since the Fairmont Opera House has its own membership structure, and to avoid confusion, CST is now seeking support of its “Friends of Civic Summer Theatre.”

In past years, CST has separated Business contributors from Individual contributors.  CST will now be using one overall structure for its valued supporters.  Below is the breakdown of how you can contribute.

Friends of Civic Summer Theatre:

Benefactors – $1000
Receive recognition in the program and 12 tickets to the performance
Sponsors – $500
Receive recognition in the program and 8 tickets to the performance
Promoters – $100
Receive recognition in the program and 4 tickets to the performance
Patrons – $50
Receive recognition in the program and 2 tickets to the performance

Another way to support CST is to be a Community AngelAny business or individual can sponsor an entire performance.  With $7500, 500 seats will be designated for the community.  Anyone can attend that performance for that night free of charge.  With $4500, 300 seats will be designated.  The Community Angel can also reserve seats for their own staff, family, or friends.  This special and impactful sponsorship will be recognized in all promotions and programs.

If you would like to support the Fairmont Opera House and Civic Summer Theatre, please select the “BECOME A FRIEND” button below.