Happy December, my friends!

What a year it has been. As I sit back and reflect on this year, it is easy to look at all the missed shows, the postponed events, the nights that we should have been laughing and singing together, and the memories that could have been made all taken away by COVID. 

Oh what could have been.

But, faithful blurb followers, let us not sulk over what could have been.  Instead, I want to tell you of all the great things that have happened over this year, and I encourage you to do the same.  In fact, I hope you flood my inbox with all of the wonderful things that have happened to you this year! Please tell me of all the great things that you experienced. I want to celebrate with you!

As a reminder, here is my email:  director@fairmontoperahouse.org. We have much to be thankful for, and I want to share it with you!

Here are some of the wonderful things that have happened to me this year, the year of COVID, the year of empty toilet paper shelves, the year of social and political unrest, and so much more.

  1. I’m going to be a Dad! Either right before the new year or very soon thereafter, I will get to hold my firstborn child and spend time with my wife, learning together the joys of parenthood.  Through the last nine months, I’ve been reminded daily that I’m so very lucky to have the most beautiful wife in the world, who is much stronger than I could ever pretend to be, and who will make the most wonderful Mom in the world.  There will be plenty of pictures, so make sure you check out my Facebook page for updates on Baby Potthoff!  I’ll even field bets on whether you think Baby P will be a boy or a girl!

  2. This year, I got to spend more time reading, and with a baby on the way and a parental leave to boot, I’m looking forward to more time reading. Not only is it a great stress relief, it is great to learn more about how I can effectively lead the Opera House!

  3. I’m also looking forward to more time to play music. I have taken time this year to sit and play more guitar, piano, and to sing.  The stage at the Opera House has been very empty, so it has given me a great opportunity to go up and imagine performing in front of my adoring fans (he says sarcastically). I love this building, and this year I have become more familiar with it than ever due to COVID shutting us down.

  4. As I am writing this, I am only a few short days away from my 4-Year Work Anniversary as the Executive Director of the Fairmont Opera House. What a whirlwind these four years have been!  I wish I could remember every moment, every memory that has happened because of my time here. I can’t thank the Fairmont Opera House Board of Directors, my staff, and my community enough for supporting me over the last 4 years.

  5. This fall, I was surprised to be chosen as one of the inaugural members of the Twin Valley Council BCA “4 Under 40”! The “4 Under 40” recognition honors members of Martin County under the age of 40 for their commitment and contributions both professionally and personally to the community.  I am so thankful to be recognized for this award, as there are many members of this community that deserve this distinction. 

There are many more blessings in my life that I could share with you, each as great as the last.  I encourage you to think about these things this holiday season.  Please don’t think of this as the year that “could have been”.  Instead, love it for the year that was.

I’ll end today’s blurb with a couple of final few quotes that I believe hold great meaning, this year especially. The first is from Chris Hawkey, who performed here in Fairmont this year and is a member of the PowerTrip Morning Show on KFAN (which I listen to every day).  This is from his annual Christmas Speech this year.

               “How do you want them {your family/children} to remember this Christmas? As the coronavirus Christmas, or the Christmas they spent the entire season doing special things with you…will they remember Christmas 2020 the year the had to spend time with their parents, or the year the got to stay home and spend all that time with their parents.” – Chris Hawkey, Christmas Speech 2020

We all have been blessed this year. Not everything has been negative. I hope you remember that this holiday season.  The holiday season is not about everything that’s been taken away…it’s about everything that we have.

               “Maybe Christmas, perhaps…means a little bit more.” – The Grinch

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.  I love you all.

See you in 2021!


2020-2021 Schedule

Prince Project
We are the Willows
February 12th @ 7:30pm
February 13th @ 7:30pm
February 14th @ 2:00pm
Blake & Company
February 26th @7:30pm
Danger Committee
March 6th @ 2:00pm
March 6th @ 7:30pm
Non Musical Spring Show
March 18th @ 7:30pm
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Fariytales on Ice
March 28th @ 2:00pm
The Church Basement Ladies
April 16th @ 2:00pm
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Aby Wolf
April 24th @ 7:30pm
Buckets N Boards
May 2nd @ 2:00pm
Tonic Sol-Fa
May 28th @ 7:30pm