Take a tour and explore the history and heart of the Fairmont Opera House.

For tours of the Fairmont Opera House, please contact the office at 507-238-4900 or at  Please schedule tours a minimum of three days in advance.  If a tour is scheduled later than three days prior, it is at the discretion of the Fairmont Opera House Staff to approve the tour.  Limited weekend tours are available.  Weekend tours will only occur with prior approval of Fairmont Opera House Staff.

If you are with a large group (15+ group members) that would like to tour the Fairmont Opera House, please notify the Fairmont Opera House no less than 1 week prior.

All tours are free of charge, but free will donations are encouraged.

Fairmont Opera House Tour Options:


The Historical Tour includes a full walk-through of the Fairmont Opera House, including all levels of the facility.  Elements of the Backstage Tour will be included, such as a tour of the dressing rooms.  A tour guide will highlight the history and significance of portions of the Fairmont Opera House.  This tour takes between 30 and 45 minutes for a small group.

Visit the Fairmont Opera House stage, including a tour of the dressing rooms, light booth, and sound booth. This is a very limited tour, taking approximately 15 to 20 minutes for small groups.