July 2nd, 2024

Summer Youth Theater Camps: A Week of Fun and Growth

by Katelyn Langwith

Summer Youth Theater Camps: A Week of Fun and Growth

This summer Fairmont Opera House hosted youth theater camps at First Congregational UCC. The halls have been filled with creativity, laughter, and learning as our directors taught over 50 students. Both the K-2 and 3-6 grade camps have been a tremendous success, offering young participants an enriching experience in the world of theater.

K-2 Camp: “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly”

Our youngest thespians have spent an exciting week bringing the classic story-book “There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” to life. Under the expert guidance of director Megan Potthoff, the children have engaged in fun theater games and learned how to put on a show which boosted their confidence and creativity.

Throughout the week, the campers worked diligently to create their own costumes and props, adding a personal touch to their performance. Megan Potthoff shares, “All I can say is ‘wow’! These kids were hard workers and put together an amazing show! They came in ready to work, full of ideas and full of smiles each and every day. This is my fifth time directing Youth Theater and it is not lost on me the passion and creativity our young people have. I feel so incredibly blessed to give them an avenue to express these attributes. I can’t wait for next summer!”

3-6 Camp: “Law and Order: Nursery Rhyme Unit”

The 3-6 grade camp has been equally vibrant, as the young actors prepared for their performance of “Law and Order: Nursery Rhyme Unit,” directed by Ellen Germain. The campers immersed themselves in learning comedy techniques, performance skills, and character development. They also took on the challenge of building their own set props and costumes, showcasing their artistic skills and teamwork.

Ellen Germain reflects on the week, saying, “It’s fun to see the kids find a talent they didn’t know they had!”

The Benefits of Youth Theater

Youth theater offers numerous benefits to children, fostering personal growth and community connection. Through acting and performance, kids develop confidence, communication skills, and creativity. The collaborative nature of theater teaches them the importance of teamwork, empathy, and respect for others’ perspectives.

Moreover, youth theater has a significant impact on the community. It brings families together, creates lasting memories, and strengthens the cultural fabric of our town. By participating in these camps, children not only discover a love for the arts but also contribute to the vibrant spirit of Fairmont.

As we wrap up another successful summer of camps, we are reminded of the transformative power of theater. These young performers have not only entertained us but also shown us the beauty of imagination and collaboration. We look forward to many more performances and the continued growth of our youth theater program. Thank you to all the parents, directors, and volunteers who make these camps possible!

Up Next!

Community Theater programming isn’t over yet! Adult Theater’s production of Mary Poppins will perform July 22nd-28th at Fairmont High School – and keep an eye out for some of our 3-6 campers who will be singing and dancing in Act II!

How you can help!

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