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Our theater is the oldest operating theater in the state of Minnesota, which was established in 1901.  In 1980, the building was placed on the National Register of Historical Places, and by late 1980, a purchase of the building by the Fairmont Opera House Inc., the non-profit organization established to run the theater.

Our theater has just over 500 seats and some of the most incredible acoustics in the area. Impacting roughly 8,000 people in the region roughly 1,200 of which are youth, this local gem is the artistic home to many in Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa. We have had an economic impact on the region of over $500,000 for multiple years in a row.

We are also the home of Fairmont Area Community Theater after they joined forces with us in 1983.

Why ‘Opera House’?

Actually, opera has very rarely been performed in the Fairmont Opera House! In the early 1900’s the use of the word “opera” in the name was more politically correct than a “theater” or “variety hall,” which were deemed morally corrupt. During this period of history, opera was a product of high civilization and a respectable form of entertainment. The name suggested that this theatrical house stood on moral high ground (even though the entertainment inside these walls was the same as in any variety hall or theater of the age). In keeping the original name, we preserve a bit of our history and a wry smile.


By providing high-quality arts and entertainment, Fairmont Opera House Inc. strives to advance cultural experience and community involvement within the historic Fairmont Opera House facility and throughout the region.

Fairmont Opera House Audience


Dynamic Collaboration: We are a catalyst for connecting the community. We affirm the importance and transformative impact of the arts and the courage of artists through presentation, education, outreach, and partnership. We value the voice and cultivate the best in every team member. We provide diverse and inclusive programming and events. 

Stewardship: We value the trust of our greater community – past, present, and future – that contributes time, talent, and treasure to our organization; we promise to use those resources with integrity. We seek continuous improvement in our facility, services, and operations while celebrating the historic significance of our venue. 

Visionary Leadership: We fiercely pursue excellence and strive to set industry standards for performing arts centers. We aspire to insightful governance and will exceed our patrons’ expectations because their loyalty is vital to our future. We will be an employer of choice and venue of choice.


To Become a regional epicenter for the performing arts and live entertainment

Fairmont Opera House Audience
Fairmont Opera House Audience

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